Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday soundbites

Weekly fun dataset for hobby-statisticians.

More statistical goodness on diabetes rates and state lines.

Neurophilosophy has an interview with Suzanne Corkin about HM.

Visualize yourself eating to lose weight? A good review of a recent study at NPR.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a short piece reviewing a paper showing that we find bearded salesmen more trustworthy. (I dunno... facial hair freaks me out....)

Barking up the Wrong Tree reviews a study showing that narcissism scores are on the rise.

Maybe it's because parents are giving their children more unique names.

The Economist has a good interview with Oliver Sacks. (Though shame on the Economist for mixing up "affect" and "effect").

The Neurocritic has a great article on how blogging and peer review interact (or not).

Cool interview with author of recent paper on visual hallucinations.

A good analysis of the "slut gene".

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